Complaints Procedure


Should Wallace Cameron Training receive a complaint from any Customer or Student on any course, we have a set procedure in place to enable the complaint to be investigated to a high standard and concluded within a reasonable time scale to the customer’s satisfaction.

Stage 1- Complaint Received:

Once the call is received in the office, the information is recorded onto the complaint/problem record form to enable management to view all details of the complaint.

Stage 2- Fill in complaint form:

Each form has a unique reference number and the following details are taken-

Course details

Course Number


Issue raised
Reported by
Date and time
Reported to
Action Take

Future action to be implemented

Once the information has been recorded the General Manager will decide which manager will conduct the investigation.

Hard copy printed off and placed into the complaint file.

Stage 3- Fill in checklist:

The checklist remains in the front of the folder acting as a brief resume of the complaint with the following details allowing for easy identification of the complaint register.

The following information is recorded on this sheet-

Unique reference number
Reported by
Whose responsible
Customer details
Action By

Stage 4- Letter sent to customer:

The Wishaw office will send out a written confirmation to the customer acknowledging the complaint, along with the unique reference number.

The customer is advised that a full investigation is being undertaken by the management team.

Stage 5- Investigation by management:

Immediately a complaint is received the manager responsible for that area of the compliant is informed by the Divisional Director and arranges to conduct interviews with either the trainer involved or course students as soon as possible, ideally within 24hours of the complaint being received. At all interviews notes will be taken and signed by either the Trainer or Student as an accurate record of the meeting.

Following interviews a meeting will then be held with the management team to discuss possible outcomes and to decide what action is to be taken.

Stage 6- Conclusion and customer visit:

Once the decision has been raised the customer is advised that the investigation is complete and the outcome of our actions. We will ensure that the customer is happy with out investigations and any problems found have been acknowledged and rectified.

Wallace Cameron Training – Complaints Procedure

There are six stages involved in any complaint received by Wallace Cameron Training. These are shown in the diagram below-