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Month Date Location 1 Day EFAW 2 Day Re-Q 3 Day FAW
Special Offer 20.07.20 Croydon X X X
Special Offer 20.07.20 Bournemouth X
Special Offer 21.07.20 Dunstable X X X
Special Offer 22.07.20 York X X X
Special Offer 24.07.20 Kings Lynn X
Special Offer 28.07.20 Dartford X X X
Special Offer 28.07.20 Bolton X X X
Special Offer 29.07.20 London Area X X X
Special Offer 31.07.20 Portsmouth X
Special Offer 31.07.20 Crawley X
Special Offer 31.07.20 Sheffield X
Special Offer 03.08.20 Leeds X X X
Special Offer 03.08.20 Ipswich X
Special Offer 04.08.20 Exeter X X X
Special Offer 05.08.20 Edinburgh X
Special Offer 07.08.20 Milton Keynes X X
Special Offer 10.08.20 Brighton X X X
Special Offer 10.08.20 Coventry X
Special Offer 10.08.20 Glasgow X X X
Special Offer 10.08.20 Slough X X X
Special Offer 12.08.20 Nottingham X X X
Special Offer 12.08.20 Manchester X X X
Special Offer 17.08.20 Wishaw X X X
Special Offer 18.08.20 Bristol X X X
Special Offer 19.08.20 Leicester X X X
Special Offer 21.08.20 Maidstone X
Special Offer 20.08.20 Kidderminster X X
Special Offer 25.08.20 Inverness X
Special Offer 26.08.20 Watford X X X
Special Offer 26.08.20 Birmingham X X X
Special Offer 26.08.20 Chelmsford X X X
01.09.20 Warrington X X X
01.09.20 Leeds X X X
01.09.20 Northampton X X X
02.09.20 Reading X X X
04.09.20 Liverpool X
07.09.20 Aberdeen X X X
08.09.20 Basingstoke X X X
14.09.20 Croydon X
15.09.20 Basildon X X X
15.09.20 Dartford X X X
15.09.20 Blackpool X X X
18.09.20 Wolverhampton X X
21.09.20 Sheffield X X X
23.09.20 Cardiff X X X
23.09.20 Edinburgh X X X
25.09.20 Portsmouth X X X
25.09.20 Perth X
25.09.20 Southampton X
25.09.20 York X
28.09.20 Leeds X X X
28.09.20 Glasgow X X
02.10.20 Manchester X
05.10.20 Watford X X X
05.10.20 Dundee X
06.10.20 Birmingham X X X
07.10.20 Dunstable X X X
07.10..20 Wishaw X X X
09.10.20 Ipswich X
12.10.20 Bolton X X X
13.10.20 Exeter X X X
14.10.20 Northampton X X X
16.10.20 Oxford X
19.10.20 Leicester X X X
19.10.20 Nottingham X
19.10.20 Inverness X X X
21.10.20 Maidstone X X X
21.10.20 Kidderminster X
27.10.20 Bristol X
27.10.20 Crawley X
27.10.20 Bournemouth X X X
28.10.20 Warrington X X X
28.10.20 Brighton X X X
30.10.20 Milton Keynes X
30.10.20 Coventry X
06.11.20 Sheffield X
11.11.20 Reading X X X
11.11.20 Glasgow X X x
13.11.20 Leeds X
16.11.20 Kings Lynn X
18.11.20 Chelmsford X X X
20.11.20 Watford X
20.11.20 Edinburgh X
23.10.20 Slough X
24.11.20 Basildon X X X
24.11.20 Blackpool X X X
27.11.20 Manchester X X
27.11.20 Portsmouth X
27.11.20 Southampton X
27.11.20 York X
30.11.20 Liverpool X
30.11.20 Croydon X
30.11.20 Northampton x x x
01.12.20 Dunstable X X X
01.12.20 Cardiff X X X
02.12.20 Basingstoke X X X
02.12.20 Exeter X
02.12.20 Wishaw X X X
02.12.20 Leicester X X X
07.12.20 Bolton X X X
08.12.20 Aberdeen X
08.12.20 Bristol X X X
08.12.20 Birmingham X X X
10.12.20 Dartford X
11.12.20 Sheffield X
11.12.20 Ipswich X
11.12.20 Maidstone X
14.12.20 Leeds X
14.12.20 Coventry X X X
15.12.20 Bournemouth X
15.12.20 London Area X X X
16.12.20 Warrington X X X
17.12.20 Inverness X
18.12.20 Milton Keynes X
18.12.20 Glasgow X
18.12.20 Kidderminster X
21.12.20 Edinburgh X

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